3 Steps to Take

The OAS team offers a range of services and accommodations to help provide equal access to workplace opportunities for employees with disabilities.

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1. Requesting Accommodations

Employees who have a disability and need accommodations to participate fully in Emory's programs should file a formal request for accommodations with OAS. Employment accommodations can be requested at any time.

The process for requesting reasonable accommodation in the workplace can be initiated by the employee, the supervisor, or a staff member. If an employee comes forward to his or her supervisor and requests assistance with a disability or medical condition, the supervisor should refer the employee to OAS. An employee may initiate a request for accommodation verbally or in writing, and does not have to use any particular words, cite the ADA or the Rehabilitation Act, or use the term "reasonable accommodation."

Employees who have been out on an extended FMLA leave for a serious health condition may find it beneficial to contact OAS to discuss the need for possible accommodations.

2. Determining Eligibility

Applicants should follow OAS policies and procedures.

  1. Fill out Emory's medical inquiry form and submit it along with the appropriate medical/disability documentation. OAS may also request a job description for accuracy to determine the essential job functions of the position as well as the physical requirements, where applicable.
  2. An OAS staff member will review the application materials and determine appropriate accommodations specific to the individual's disabilities. The process will vary and may include meetings, email, or phone calls to brainstorm, explore ideas, options, and alternatives.
  3. If the employee is determined to be eligible for reasonable accommodation, OAS will communicate with the employee and the supervisor or oversee designee to identify potential reasonable accommodations that will allow the employee to perform the essential functions of the job. Otherwise, OAS may assist the supervisor in identifying voluntary and readily achievable means for meeting the employee's needs.

3. Implementing Accommodations

OAS will issue an official accommodation notification letter specifying the approved accommodations to the employee, supervisor, and appropriate personnel such as Human Resources.

The accommodations will be implemented upon receipt of the accommodation letter. The office will assist with ongoing maintenance and counseling as support for supervisors. In addition, Human Resources will determine if any personnel or performance is being impacted.

Employees can request adjustments to accommodations at any time. Typically, this occurs when the employee has a change in disability status and/or changes in essential job functions. In addition, a new letter would have to be resubmitted if an employee changes supervisors.

Employees with disabilities are responsible for contacting OAS if reasonable accommodations are not implemented in an effective or timely way.

Related Considerations

Appealing Eligibility Decisions

Employees who have any concerns regarding the determination of appropriate accommodations may request an appeal of the decision by contacting Emory ADA Compliance Officer Allison Butler.

Reporting Discrimination

Employees who feel the actions of any person or entity at Emory have been discriminatory based on their disability status may contact Emory EO/AA Compliance Officer Maurice Middleton.

Any formal complaint regarding an alleged violation of policies or alleged adverse management action should also be directed to Human Resources.