Faculty and Staff Guidelines

Emory encourages anyone who has knowledge of discrimination or harassment on campus to report alleged violations of policy to either of these two members of the OEI office.

The final written determination will state only whether there was a violation of the policy. Complainant and respondent will be notified promptly of the final determination. OEI shall have no independent authority to impose sanctions. If OEI finds there has been a violation of policy, then OEI may provide a recommendation as to the appropriate sanction for consideration by the dean or division head responsible for deciding and imposing disciplinary action.

Additional university resources are available.


If at any time during the investigation, a bona fide question arises out of a conflict between the principles of academic freedom and the requirements of the policy, the respondent or director of the OEI may request that the provost or her designee appoint a Faculty Review Panel to review the evidence and to provide advice to OEI as to whether there was a violation of policy.

Following a determination of sanctions, faculty may avail themselves of avenues of appeal as listed in the "Statement of Principles Governing Faculty Relationships." A faculty member shall be entitled to a hearing of the Faculty Hearing Committee when the sanction imposed by the dean for violation of the Equal Opportunity and Discriminatory Harassment Policy is the suspension, transfer, or termination of his/her employment.


Staff members who receive disciplinary penalties under the Equal Opportunity and Discriminatory Harassment Policy may consult Human Resources for information about the grievance process that may be used to challenge alleged violations, misinterpretations, or inequitable application of policies or procedures.