Student Guidelines

Emory encourages any student who has knowledge of discrimination or harassment on campus to report alleged violations of policy to one of these university employees:

If the Title IX coordinator for students determines that there is sufficient evidence to support a violation, then within seven days after the report of findings is completed a written "Notice of Charges of Policy Violation" will be provided to the parties. If a complainant wishes to proceed with a formal resolution and the Title IX coordinator for students determines there is sufficient information to proceed with the disciplinary process, then a hearing will be conducted in accordance with the Sexual Misconduct Policy.

Lynell Cadray, the university Title IX coordinator, monitors the responsive action taken, as appropriate, to remedy the effects of sexual misconduct on the complainant. This may include commencement of disciplinary proceedings against the respondent.

Both parties shall have the right to appeal.

A variety of support services and resources are available to students.