Search Process

Here is an overview of the process for conducting a faculty search in coordination with the Office of Equity and Inclusion.

Getting Started

  1. Obtain departmental approval to open a position.
  2. Discuss search procedures with OEI's Faculty Recruitment Assistant Director David Goetsch, who can assist in developing an effective recruitment plan. The federal government requires documented outreach efforts.
  3. Identify search committee members. The committee must be comprised of three or more persons who represent the diversity of the Emory community. The committee should identify clear selection criteria and define a recruitment plan prior to commencing the actual search. The plan should include not only the type and content of the advertisements, but also the channels to be used to identify potential candidates. Although the entire committee is responsible for the search, it is recommended that one committee member take responsibility to ensure outreach to women and minority candidates and document the committee's efforts in this regard.
  4. Create a position advertisement. The advertisement should be clear as to the requirements of the position and time frame for submission. It should also provide the minimum and preferred qualifications, which will be the basis of the hiring decision. The advertisement must include Emory's EO/AA statement, such as the phrase "Emory University is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action / Disability / Veteran Employer."
  5. Create a requisition in BrassRing ERS to include the vacancy position and description as well as information on the search committee members, the recruitment and outreach efforts for the search and who will be responsible and manage the search "requisition administrator." Include "OEI, David Goetsch" as the recruiter and route to the appropriate approvers.
  6. OEI will review the new requisition, call the department with any additional questions, and approve the search. A notification will come to the requisition administrator that includes a web link to the job posting that can be utilized for distribution on websites and announcements.

Managing Applications

  1. "Self-identification requests" will automatically be generated to any candidate that applies. This will allow OEI to run reports on the diversified makeup of each candidate pool.
  2. The requisition administrator is responsible for coordinating and communicating with the search chair in order to update the status of each candidate applied and to ensure that all considered candidates are on file in the requisition.
  3. After the closing date, and before eliminating candidates, the hiring department must contact OEI for applicant pool data and approval to move forward. Applicant pool data is a critical component of the search process -- it helps to ensure that your applicant pool is diverse, especially if a placement/hiring goal was established for the open position.
  4. If necessary, the hiring department initiates additional recruitment efforts to attract a diverse pool. If further recruitment is not necessary, and on the basis of the predetermined position requirements and selection criteria, the initial pool of applicants may be reduced to a "short list." References should be checked for these candidates and between three to five persons should be selected for interviews. The interviews must be equitable.

Final Steps

  1. Once the interviews are completed, the hiring official denotes the candidate status in BrassRing to finalist status, indicating the proposed selection and decision.
  2. The search chair or department must provide detailed explanations as to why each candidate was selected or not selected and attach this documenation to the requisition.
  3. Once the proposed hiring decision is approved by OEI, the hiring department notifies candidates of their selection or non-selection.
  4. All materials considered in the selection process, including interview notes, must be maintained on file for three years and can be attached to the requisition for the permanent record.