Title IX Sexual Misconduct

Our goal is to engage the entire Emory community in prevention, and ultimately, elimination of sexual violence on our campus.

The mandatory Title IX online training is an important and critical three-year initiative, begun in 2015, that is specifically designed for Emory University. This training provides employees with the essential tools to:

  • Prevent sexual misconduct
  • Respond to and report such misconduct
  • Improve responses of such misconduct, and
  • Comply with applicable federal laws

If you have any questions or concerns about the training, contact: Carol Henderson | Chief Diversity Officer, Vice Provost for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and University Title IX Coordinator

How-To Instructions

  1. To access the course, log in to Emory's Learning Management System (ELMS) and click on "My Learning."
  2. The course titled, "Bridges: Building a Supportive Community" will be listed as one of your assigned courses. Once you click the launch button, a new window will appear with a summary of the course information. After clicking the second launch button, the course content window will appear.
  3. The training module will take approximately 45 minutes to complete. You may leave the course at any time and when you return, the course will open to the last page visited.
  4. Once you finish watching the course, the system provides a certificate of completion.

Technical Troubleshooting

  • For detailed instructions on accessing the course, please download our Bridges Troubleshooting Guide(PDF).
  • If you experience any further technical difficulty, please contact DEI: Email oei@emory.edu
  • If you have any questions regarding the Emory Learning Management System, please contact ELMS.


  • If you have previously completed the "EDU: Eliminate Campus Sexual Violence" course, you are not required to complete the "Bridges: Building a Supportive Community" online course.
  • If you participated in the Campus Climate Survey related to sexual assault on our campus, you will still need to complete this training. The survey is a separate initiative.