Best Practices

Emory University is committed to a diverse and inclusive environment and nowhere is that commitment more important than when it comes to recruiting new faculty. Building an excellent and diverse faculty however, will require us to be intentional.

Each department, school, or unit must decide how diversity and inclusion will be deployed as part of its strategic goals. Those conversations need to occur before an effective search can begin and best practices suggest that leaders should initiate and be an integral part of those conversations.

The department, school, or unit must see the value of a diverse and inclusive culture. Without a consensus in the department, school, or unit that diversity and inclusion are important strategic goals to be considered in each search, it is unlikely that the search will result in positive outcomes.

Guidelines for Search Committees

These guidelines, developed by the Faculty Advisory Committee on Excellence and Diversity, are designed to assist with those efforts and are based upon research regarding what works when it comes to diversity as well as peer experience in the area.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact:

  • Tim Holbrook | Vice Provost, Faculty Affairs  | Email or phone: 404-712-0353
  • Carol Flowers | Assistant Vice Provost, Faculty Affairs | Email or phone: 404-727-0833