Recruitment Outreach

Here are some ideas and resources to consider that can facilitate diverse recruitment efforts. We welcome your suggestions, as well, as we collaborate to develop a more diverse community on campus.


  • Enlist a committee of several faculty and/or staff members to review your department's postings for correct language, compare existing data to that of the candidate pools, and help ensure a genuine effort is given during the search process. 
  • Form a committee of concerned peers to reach out to others in their field as possible candidates for upcoming vacancies.


  • All postings are required to include Emory University's EO/AA statement. See our guidance including short, medium, and long versions of the statement.
  • A link to the ERS posting should always be included to ensure the candidate participates in the Self-ID portal.


  • Foster mentoring programs for women and minorities to formalize ad hoc or informal mentoring that may be taking place and to devote time and energy to create a matching program for future candidates.
  • Develop a guide to outline how a future specialist in a given field may be trained, mentored, and complete the training necessary to be credentialed. This loosely written document offers a way for an interested candidate to become eligible for consideration. Candidates may also be matched with a mentor or guided by a professional already in their field of choice.