People and Offices

We welcome Emory community members and visitors at our Atlanta and Oxford campus offices. Find the contact you're looking for in our staff directory.

Central Offices

Our primary offices are located on the Quadrangle of the Atlanta campus:

Administration Building
201 Dowman Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30322

Mail stop number: 1000-001-1AA

Equity and Inclusion

Administration Building | Suite 305

General email:

Phone: 404-727-9867
Fax: 404-712-9108

Office of Accessibility Services

Administration Building | Suite 110

Employee-related email:
Student-related emails: | |

Phone: 404-727-9877 | TTD 404-712-2049
Fax: 404-727-1126

OAS also maintains an office on the Oxford College campus:

605 Haygood Avenue
Oxford, Georgia 30054

Student-related emails: | |

Phone: 770-784-4690
Fax: 770-784-4681

Title IX

Administration Building | Suite 305

General email:

Phone: 404-727-4079